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Guaranteed Purity

Glacial Water goes through a rigorous purification process that eliminates all harmful impurities.

Membership Program

Glacial’s membership program is ideal for customers who prefer to keep their current bottles for self-service @ Glacial Water Shop. Become a member and avail exclusive benefits and discounts.

Excellent Value

Why pay more when you can get the same peace of mind for less than half the price compared to popular brands.

On Time Delivery

We have an excellent customer service that listens and caters to the needs and concerns of our customers. We respect and value our relationship with every customer. Our unique delivery system offers complete transparency that ensures water is delivered to you in 90 minutes or less!

Certified Quality

Glacial Water is the only bottled water supplier that is certified pure each month by independent quality accreditation bodies. As our customer, you will receive our monthly Quality Certification Reports via SMS every month. Click below to view Glacial’s Quality Certification Reports.

Strict Quality Control

Two purpose built, state of the art bio-chemical and micro-biological laboratories are present on site that test each individual batch to ensure compliance with all quality benchmarks

Our Services

Rs. 800

19-Liter Water Bottle

Get a new Glacial Water bottle against refundable deposit

Rs. 400

Exchange your old Bottle

Give your old bottle a change! Exchange for only half price

Rs. 120

Refill @ Shop

Get One Refill FREE after every 10 refills at Glacial Water Shop

Rs. 140

Weekly Delivery

Scheduled Weekly Delivery.
On time.Every time!

Rs. 160

Express Delivery

On-phone express delivery in 90 minutes or less

Rs. 20

Membership Program

Super Savings for customers who prefer using own bottles

Rs. 30

1.5 Ltr. Bottle

Available in packs of 6 for water on the go

Rs. 20

600 ml Bottle

Available in packs of 12 for water on the go

Our Happy Clients

  • Excellent customer service, Purity πŸ’―

    Jamshaid Chattha Avatar
    Jamshaid Chattha

    Excellent and pure quality of water and best delivery service at home.

    Danish Lodhi6 Avatar
    Danish Lodhi6
  • Great quality water! Competitive rates! And behtareen service! Good follow up on questions and concerns. Always call to check if... read more

    Salman Qureshi Avatar
    Salman Qureshi

    Glacial can be trusted. I am a satisfied customer for many years.

    Hassan Rehman Avatar
    Hassan Rehman
  • Glacial waters have eased our life of getting purified water at door step.They keep their quality up to date.Recommended for... read more

    Hasan Afaq Avatar
    Hasan Afaq

    We have very good experience of highly hygienic drinking water with Glacial Water.They have quality water with amazing services.Thanks to... read more

    Zahid Hafeez Avatar
    Zahid Hafeez
  • Amazing Quality!Good JobHighly Recommended

    Muhammad Irtaza Avatar
    Muhammad Irtaza

    I’ve been using their services for last 2 years and i can say that im very much satisfied and look... read more

    Mani Khan Avatar
    Mani Khan
  • Had an experience recently with glacial water company. Their services are great and quality of water is up to... read more

    Umar Chaudhry Avatar
    Umar Chaudhry

    Glacial waters have eased our life of getting purified water at door step.

    They keep their quality up to date.
    Recommended for...
    read more

    Hasan Afaq Avatar
    Hasan Afaq
  • I highly recommend Glacial water. They have proper system in place. What I like the most is their custoner support.... read more

    Mian Bilal Avatar
    Mian Bilal

    highly recommended

    luqman baloch Avatar
    luqman baloch
  • There filtered water quality is awesome. I didn't had any issue with there services also. Staff is so cooperative and... read more

    Yasir Munir Avatar
    Yasir Munir

    Best water ever in history

    Zeeshan Butt Avatar
    Zeeshan Butt
  • Good service. Good luck

    Inzmam javed Avatar
    Inzmam javed

    Have been using Glacial Water for 4 months now. At first I was really suspicious about how will the quality... read more

    Saad Gulzar Avatar
    Saad Gulzar
  • Good

    Asad Arshad Avatar
    Asad Arshad

    High quality and best service in our town

    Adnan Yaqoob Avatar
    Adnan Yaqoob
  • Very good service and cooperative team. Water quality is best.

    M Sohail Avatar
    M Sohail

    Water Quality, Price and Delivery is best.Also Delivery staff is very friendly.

    Sajid Nazar Avatar
    Sajid Nazar
  • Good in pure water πŸ’¦

    Sheikhu style Avatar
    Sheikhu style

    Excellent service...Friendly staff...I'll Recommend to otherThanks Glacial ..❀️

    Chouno Jee Avatar
    Chouno Jee
  • this highly profile water uint and good water plant system

    Irfan Arif Avatar
    Irfan Arif

    Great service, they also share the quality of the water report.

    mohammad afzaal Avatar
    mohammad afzaal
  • Have been using since last 6 months. They provide Best filtered water and quality in reasonable price. Most appreciative thing... read more

    Sadia Saif Avatar
    Sadia Saif

    This watèr purely refine and healty i used from many months so there services is best

    Faraz Bajwa Avatar
    Faraz Bajwa
  • Good and clean water. Not as β€˜heavy’ as compared to others.

    Asad Khan Avatar
    Asad Khan

    Good water

    Abdul Hafeez Avatar
    Abdul Hafeez
  • Taste of water remains consistent. Overall satisfaction.

    Hamood ur Rahman Avatar
    Hamood ur Rahman

    Very Good Quality water more to that their service is wonderful. Keep it up πŸ‘

    Khadi Crafts Development Company Avatar
    Khadi Crafts Development Company
  • I have been drinking this water for last 2 years..I have found it very pure and clear with delivery in... read more

    Tayyab Noor Avatar
    Tayyab Noor

    Nice taste and pure waterexcellent delivery servicehighly recommended for use in routine

    Nadeem Ali Avatar
    Nadeem Ali
  • Excellent service! Good work πŸ‘πŸ»

    Ali Haider Avatar
    Ali Haider

    excellent quality water n service

    omer zia Avatar
    omer zia
  • I have been using Glacial water from last year and they never fail to impress with their purity level.

    Hussain butt Avatar
    Hussain butt

    I use this service for 5 years and i really really appreciate all the staff of this Glaciel specially Mr.Numan... read more

    TALHA NAEEM Avatar
  • I been using Glacial Water for the past 6 months the experience has been amazing. Customer service is top notch... read more

    Samee Khan Saboor Avatar
    Samee Khan Saboor

    I highly recommend Glacial water. Pure water great delivery. πŸ‘

    asma pervaiz Avatar
    asma pervaiz
  • Best service.

    Wajahat Raza Avatar
    Wajahat Raza

    Great water quality. Better than Nestle and Gourmet. Very helpful staff and prompt and reliable delivery as well. Highly recommended!!

    Haroon Sheikh Avatar
    Haroon Sheikh
  • Quality of water is best and excellent delivery in time

    Ch Bashir Avatar
    Ch Bashir

    Well I have been using glacial water service from last year it's been a very Good experience.I would recommend it... read more

    Nostalgia Obsession Avatar
    Nostalgia Obsession
  • drinkable water with good service and clean water

    Umh Zohair Avatar
    Umh Zohair

    Finally rid of fakesFound glacialThe best in town

    Faizan Sheikh Avatar
    Faizan Sheikh
  • Very good service. Whenever need it they provide good quality water and service.

    Muhammad Kamran Avatar
    Muhammad Kamran

    Good Bottles Water @ Reasonable Rates. Customer Support is Awesome. Highly Recommended.

    Naeem Ahmed Avatar
    Naeem Ahmed
  • It's been over a year now that we have been using Glacial water and I must say the quality of... read more

    Naeem Rehman Avatar
    Naeem Rehman

    Glacial water tastes great and very refreshing. I order this water for the kids to use in their water bottles.... read more

    Atif Altaf Avatar
    Atif Altaf
  • Excellent taste and delivery on time

    mrtocan1 Avatar

    Great company great water

    Arham Lodhi Avatar
    Arham Lodhi
  • I am satisfied with water quality and delivery services. Recommended πŸ‘

    Tabinda Baig Avatar
    Tabinda Baig

    Glacial is one of the best in providing quality drinking water. Their excellent customer service is the hallmark of their... read more

    Mohammad Sharif Avatar
    Mohammad Sharif
  • I am using glacial water from last 3 years it's good and healthy.Thanks glacial

    Sufyan Rajput Avatar
    Sufyan Rajput

    Best water in town with regular deliveries. Also good customer service as compare to other providers in area.

    Adnan Hasan Avatar
    Adnan Hasan
  • Initially I had few issues with the delivery days but they resolved the matter upon complaint. The water delivery is... read more

    hinamujeeb mujeeb Avatar
    hinamujeeb mujeeb

    I am very satisfied with the service and especially water. Recommend it to everyone.

    Mohammad Yusuf Avatar
    Mohammad Yusuf
  • The water quality and delivery service is quite satisfactory. Definitely recommend

    Abeer Mutalib Avatar
    Abeer Mutalib

    Very nice gud service delivery on time satisfied .

    Ayesh Memon Avatar
    Ayesh Memon
  • best quality water πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ trusted plant βœ”βœ…β­β­β­β­β­ recommended

    snow fall Avatar
    snow fall

    Excellent service πŸ‘ staff is very cooperative and professional πŸ‘Œ quality packing every thing superb,πŸ’ž highly recommended

    Tehreem chEemA Avatar
    Tehreem chEemA
  • Excellent service. Very cooperative staff

    owais rashid Avatar
    owais rashid

    Keep it up. They offer best quality service in provision of qualitative filtered water.

    iram murtaza Avatar
    iram murtaza
  • Amazing experience with you guys. Customer service is so good.Alhamdullilah so satisfied with the quality of water. Highly Recommended. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Ifrah Fatima Avatar
    Ifrah Fatima

    Very fine quality and accurate delivery time and reasonable price.. i have been using for one and a half year... read more

    Zarqa Butt Avatar
    Zarqa Butt
  • Glacial Water service is best in town, they are very cooperative and the staff is also very good.Their Water Quality... read more

    Bilal Yousuf Avatar
    Bilal Yousuf

    I have been using Glacial Water's home delivery service for over a year. I have also tested the water quality... read more

    Sheraz Rasheed Abbasi Avatar
    Sheraz Rasheed Abbasi
  • Great Service. Great water.

    Usman Rana Avatar
    Usman Rana

    Glacial water is best.Its good quality water.Having great experience

    Rizwan Anjum Avatar
    Rizwan Anjum
  • Good water and service, been using since last 3 years. Recommended

    Saher Waseem Avatar
    Saher Waseem

    Best drinking water experience so far. They deliver timely and hassle-free. The taste is great and the best part is... read more

    Rizwan Mahmood Avatar
    Rizwan Mahmood
  • I have been their customer from last 2 years and their water & service is just excellent. Keep going keep rocking.

    Usman Khan Avatar
    Usman Khan

    Great service, on time and very responsive. Water quality is good too.

    Muhammad Ghazi Abid Avatar
    Muhammad Ghazi Abid
  • Very good service. Excellent support system

    Talha Khan Avatar
    Talha Khan

    I am living at Lahore since 1994. I have experienced various private sector companies for provision of filtered water. During... read more

    Muhmmad Imran Avatar
    Muhmmad Imran
  • Good qualityWe r satisfied with glacial waterIt's very good

    Sana Shoaib Avatar
    Sana Shoaib

    Good work guys. Keep it up!

    Rana Shahrukh Avatar
    Rana Shahrukh
  • Thankyou so much your service is highly appreciated. Keep it up with your service and quality.

    zahra hassan Avatar
    zahra hassan

    I have been using their services form last 3 years.Services and Quality of Glacial water is too good, I am... read more

    Harmas Ahmad Avatar
    Harmas Ahmad
  • The Water Quality and Service is excellent

    Mursaleen Basharat Avatar
    Mursaleen Basharat

    Best Experience, Top Quality, Best Price with courteous services.Highly Recommended.

    Ahmed Raza Avatar
    Ahmed Raza
  • Very good quality water and customer service. Highly recommended.

    Salman Mahboob Avatar
    Salman Mahboob

    Best water in Pakistan

    Saqib Sattar Avatar
    Saqib Sattar
  • I have been using the services of Glacial Water for more than 2 years and never had a cause to... read more

    Agha Ali Avatar
    Agha Ali

    Excellent customer service. Always on time. Never had an issue with the quality. Highly recommended.

    Syed Ali Murtaza Avatar
    Syed Ali Murtaza
  • Highly recommended. Amazing service and customer support

    Mehreen Rauf Khan Avatar
    Mehreen Rauf Khan

    Delivery is always on time πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Barooj Jahanzaib Avatar
    Barooj Jahanzaib
  • we are using glacial water for 3 i did't get any change to complain ,water quality is very fine,on time... read more

    Fazeel Arif Avatar
    Fazeel Arif

    Great service. Excellent quality.

    Hamaad Ali Avatar
    Hamaad Ali
  • I really like the taste, always on time, good staff

    aneesa islam Avatar
    aneesa islam

    Excellent quality of water with superb customer services. Highly recommended for daily use at home as well as in your... read more

    Amjad Khawaja Avatar
    Amjad Khawaja
  • Excellent Service. Amazing people. Lab tests are regularly done to keep a check on the water quality. I would recommend surely.

    Arslan Khalid Avatar
    Arslan Khalid

    They are very good...

    Nauman Khan Avatar
    Nauman Khan
  • Good service. Highly recommended.

    Ammar Shafqat Avatar
    Ammar Shafqat

    I highly recommend Glacial water. They have proper system in place. What I like the most is their custoner support.... read more

    Zindagi Sultan Avatar
    Zindagi Sultan
  • Alhmdolilah, great service! Clean and healthy water.Fast emergency water delivery service also available.No complains! The water quality is A1.

    Sohaire Imtiaz Avatar
    Sohaire Imtiaz

    Good service clean water taste good

    prettylilthings with maha Avatar
    prettylilthings with maha
  • Glacial Team is highly professional and motivated.

    Muhammad Javed Avatar
    Muhammad Javed

    Very good service am happyGlacial water should reduce price of water I hopeThanks

    muhammad adil Avatar
    muhammad adil
  • Excellent water quality . Have been using Glacial water for 3 years. Not once in these 3 years did I... read more

    Mian Faisal Avatar
    Mian Faisal

    Its been 3 yrs im their satisfied customer, they ensure not only purity of water they supply, also the cleanliness... read more

    Huda Gohar Avatar
    Huda Gohar
  • Glasial Water is one of the best water company in Lahore and it is very economical with great service.... read more

    Aurelian Solutions Avatar
    Aurelian Solutions

    Good Experience.Recommended

    fahad rafi Avatar
    fahad rafi
  • Finally getting rid of localsThe real one in townLove your services glacialKeep growing guys

    talha punk Avatar
    talha punk

    I have been their customer for the last 3 years. Love their service and quality. Keep up the great work!

    Nadeem Shaukat Avatar
    Nadeem Shaukat
  • The best water I've ever tasted.

    Muhammad Bader Anwar Avatar
    Muhammad Bader Anwar

    It is a great experience using glacial water. Hopefully they will keep their quality good always. There phone support and... read more

    Zeeshan Aslam Avatar
    Zeeshan Aslam
  • It's a excellent water πŸ‘ and we found it very healthy and hygienic

    Jawwad Baig Avatar
    Jawwad Baig

    Glacial water services are good. Packing of bottles are good neat and clean. Water taste is also good .

    Abdullah Adnan Gaming Avatar
    Abdullah Adnan Gaming
  • Taste of the Water is Excellent.Rates are market competitive.Rapid & In-time Service.Staff is cooperative and Helpful.Plant/Outlet is hygienic and Clean.PCSIR... read more

    Rehan Khan Avatar
    Rehan Khan

    Great taste with an excellent quality and customer service and on top of that it's been regularly testified by... read more

    Waqas Ellahi Avatar
    Waqas Ellahi
  • Best Drinking water provider company in Lahore pakistan. Must Try

    Imran Manzoor Avatar
    Imran Manzoor

    I think it is one of the best water available in Lahore and is very economical with great service also.

    Sharjeel Aziz Avatar
    Sharjeel Aziz
  • So glad to have finally found water that is not just safe and clean but also extremely affordable. Can truly... read more

    Minahil Khurshid Avatar
    Minahil Khurshid

    Been using Glacial Water for some years now. Must recommend it for their consistency in quality product and service.The water... read more

    Nosheen Avatar
  • Great Service and really fast delivery

    Foodies ForEver Avatar
    Foodies ForEver

    Nice water and good delivery service

    Maaz Maqsood Avatar
    Maaz Maqsood
  • I’m very happy with Glacial Water. Great quality, prompt service and helpful customer service. Keep it up!

    Amna Umer Avatar
    Amna Umer

    I've been using Glacial water for several months now. The water is clean and tastes great. The prices... read more

    Matt Leatherman Avatar
    Matt Leatherman
  • great tasting and healthy water with excellent customer service. I have been receiving their quality certification reports every month for... read more

    Abdul Rehman Avatar
    Abdul Rehman

    Very professional and reliable mineral water service. We are now a regular customer and recommend it to all family and friends.

    Abeer Mustafa Avatar
    Abeer Mustafa
  • I am 101% satisfied with the quality & service.quality & service much better than nestle.keep it up.

    Nature's Whispers Avatar
    Nature's Whispers

    I found glacial water perfect water for family ..there staff and managment teams are very cooprative and devoted ..good... read more

    atif bilal Avatar
    atif bilal
  • Water quality is excellent, customer service is wonderful, and delivery is alwaya on time,so far (been using them for 5... read more

    Al Rehman Avatar
    Al Rehman

    Very good quality water and extremely responsive customer service.I visited their RO plant at the site. They were very happy... read more

    Ali Khan Avatar
    Ali Khan
  • I would like to say thank you to Glacial that you are conscious about our health , in... read more

    shahoon waheed Avatar
    shahoon waheed

    High quality drinking water and excellent services. I highly recommend Glacial water

    Aisha Fiyaz Avatar
    Aisha Fiyaz
  • Love that they share quality Report each Month.

    Haseeb Rana Avatar
    Haseeb Rana


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