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Strict Quality Control


With Glacial, You can be sure the water you and your family are drinking is pure and healthy. Glacial’s 10-step Purification and Bottling process ensures the water reaching you is “as nature intended”. Each step of the process removes impurities from the water and restores its natural, revitalization properties.

Two purpose built, state of the art laboratories carry out chemical and biological screening of each individual water batch to ensure there are no impurities in the water.

Ceiling the Bottle

We must check the bottle before deliver it and also ceil the bottle for your health

Bio Lab

We must make different tests on water to to purify it in our bio Lab

Filteration System

Our filteration system is very athentic and our water is purified after filteration

Filtaration Plant

We must chect our filteration plant on weekly basisi also maintain our filtaration plant

Testing Process

We must make different tests on water to purify the water and make the eater healthy and clean

Our Shop

You must visit in our shop for healthy and clean water


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